Individual Trainer

At BookMyTrainers, we empower individual trainers with cutting-edge AI services. Our platform is your all-in-one solution for seamless project search, quoting, and comprehensive training management.

AI-Enhanced Benefits

AI-Powered Project Matching: Our AI technology matches you with the perfect projects based on your expertise, increasing your chances of securing new opportunities.

Avatar-Assisted Training: Elevate your training sessions with AI-driven avatars, engaging learners in dynamic and personalized experiences.

AI Content Optimization: Transform your training materials with AI algorithms, enhancing their quality and interactivity.

AI Dubbing for Languages: Reach a broader audience by effortlessly translating your training content into multiple languages with AI-powered dubbing.

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Corporate Client

BookMyTrainers is your gateway to streamlined corporate training with the aid of AI-driven solutions. Now, finding the perfect trainer with the right skills is just a click away. Our platform offers an integrated Training Management Software called "Managio" that simplifies your entire training process.

AI-Enhanced Benefits

AI Trainer Matching: Discover trainers who align perfectly with your specific needs, thanks to our advanced AI technology.

Avatar-Based Training: Elevate your training programs with AI-driven avatars, delivering engaging and personalized content to your workforce.

AI Content Optimization: Enhance the quality of your training materials using AI algorithms, ensuring they are both interactive and effective.

AI Dubbing for Languages: Break language barriers and reach a wider audience by utilizing AI-powered dubbing for multilingual content.

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Training Consultancy

BookMyTrainers offers a seamless solution for Training Consultancies, enhanced with powerful AI capabilities. Finding training leads and managing your pool of trainers has never been easier. Our enterprise plan is designed to boost your success, ensuring your trainers become valuable assets in winning training leads.

AI-Enhanced Benefits

AI-Generated Leads: Utilize our advanced AI technology to generate training leads effectively, giving your training company a competitive edge.

Trainer Management: Manage your pool of trainers with precision, ensuring you have the right expertise to meet client needs.

Trainer Profiles: Leverage trainer profiles to showcase expertise and attract clients, allowing trainers to help you secure assignments effortlessly.

AI-Powered Training Management: Explore our unique Training Management Software, "Managio," to optimize your training operations.

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Connect , Network, Promote and Grow your Business with Bookmytrainers

In bound Business leads

Register & get inbound sales leads. No more running around pitching for business. How about business leads come searching for you? Sign up and get relived today.

Start your Own Training co

Now starting your own Training Company is just a call or mail away. No investment. Get a partner who will manage everything for you and help you run your business effectively.

Secured Payments

Conduct Training programs without worrying about receiving payments. You can sign agreements with the client and get pay using our secured Payment gateway.

Managio – Training Management

Get access to our unique Training management ERP system which manages your entire Training process to ROI. It also helps you to save & secure all your Training files, student records, client records etc. Get the Managio FREE by registering as a Client or a Premium Trainer.

Video conferencing & Webinar Solutions

Now don’t miss Training assignments due to less participants. No more headache of investing on Video conferencing / webinar logins, Use BMT’s technology on demand solution and pay a nominal fees for logins used and for only hours you wanted.

Global Experts a click away

Get Subject experts to train your staff or students from any part of the Globe. They can train your team either by coming down phycically or through virtual method using BMT’s Technology on demand solution.

How it Works ?

Post your requirements

Clients post their training requirments

Get the best quote

Clients get quotes from trainers

Award Project

To the best trainer who placed a quote