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What is is the World’s 1st Online Trainer Discovery platform that connects Trainers, Training Providers and Corporates globally. Until today, mainly big companies offer Training services through Training Vendors or in-house trainers working with them. With Bookmytrainers, corporates find it not just easy to connect with Training providers but also to saves cost by eliminating the huge margins retained by the Training Vendor who ultimately use the services of Freelancers. It also helps Training Vendors to quote with the right price as they save the sales cost for customer acquisition. Bookmytraniners will act as their Sales team and offer them loads of Training leads which are not just local but regional National and Global too.
Is BOOKMYTRAINERS a typical website for job seekers?
BOOKMYTRAINERS connects freelancers and Training Providers to Clients such as small/medium sized companies, Training Vendors and Individual learners. Clients and Training Providers can easily ramp up experts without having any risks and terminate the cooperation (and occurring costs) once they are not needed anymore. Jobs can last months, depending on requirements of the Client and the project. BOOKMYTRAINERS is not a platform for people looking for permanent positions.
Will my profile be picked up International Corporates?
Yes, chances are there that an International Client can select Trainers from other regions too! Each Client has to decide which Trainer/Training provider fits best to the specific requirements of his project. For some projects it might be better to hire a local provide . On the other hand it might be a good option to hire Trainer/Training Providers from low-cost countries in order to make use of cost advantages. Or for few specialised trainings they have to depend on trainers from other regions too which is not easily provided by local Training vendors attached with the Corporates.
Is Bookmytrainers helpful only to Freelance Trainers or also beneficial for Training Companies?
Bookmytrainers platform is helpful for both freelance trainers as well as Training Companies. There are clients who prefer dealing with a company than an Individual and there are clients who think other way too.


How can a Client Post a project?
To post a project, you have to be registered as a customer. If you are registered and logged in you can simply click "Post a project" in the customer menu. You will be directed to a form which allows you to define all project relevant information.
Tip: More detailed project descriptions are usually getting more precise proposals.
How does the Client finalise a Trainer/Training Provider?
Selecting a Trainer/Training Provider is your first key which greatly affects the success of your Training Project. That's why BOOKMYTRAINERS suggests evaluating all potential Trainers/Training Providers carefully. Review their Profiile, Ratings, Testimonials and most importantly their Verification Tags they have earned till now.
How does the Client sign a contract with the provider?
The contract between Client and Trainer/Training Provider is concluded on the platform when each party has confirmed the terms of the project. Thereby, the project description as well as the terms and conditions are a part of the service contract. Please ensure that any amendments are agreed in writing by both parties.
How does the Client pay the provider?
Payments are agreed and organized directly between Client and provider. During the project awarding process you can discuss the terms of payment (frequency of billing, due dates). The payment methods a provider is accepting can be seen in his public profile.
Request an invoice from the Trainer/Training Provider if required and pay according to the agreed method.
Click here to know more about Payments
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What is BOOKMYTRAINERS Verified Tag & BOOKMYTRAINERS Recommended Tag?
BOOKMYTRAINERS Verified Tag gives the client the confidence that the Trainer details shared has been checked by BOOKMYTRAINERS and the Trainer is a genuine and can be depended upon. The following are checked
Email Id
Mobile Number
Bank Account Details
BOOKMYTRAINERS Recommended Tag is given to Trainers who undergoes a detailed verification check:
Email id
Academic Qualification
Professional Experience
Training Experience & Ratings
Document Check
Subject knowledge
Reference checks
Does BOOKMYTRAINERS “Recommended Trainer” process cost me anything?
This above process involves a detailed manual process of evaluating the details mentioned. We charge a nominal cost for this process. However BOOKMYTRAINERS is currently offering this FREE under its Global launch offer. This offer is valid till 31st December 2015
What is the advantage for getting the “Recommended Trainer” Tag?
Recommended Trainer tag helps you win more projects as its clearly states that the information mentioned is true and verified. The Recommended Trainers Quotes are always on Top when viewed by Clients.
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How Can I connect the Client before finalizing a deal?
Clients get the Trainer contact details while shortlisting or awarding the project. They sign an agreement to pay Bookmytrainers fees after deducting the trainer fees. It’s the trainers responsibility to pay Bookmytrainers fees failing which they get blacklisted.
How do I Shortlist a project?
You have a list of projects based on your skill listed on your dashboard. You can shortlist a project and then revisit all the Shortisted projects to choose the best project to quote.
How do I quote for a project?
What is Highlight my quote?
What is Promote my quote
How do I get points for using Promote/Highlight my Quote.
How much should the Sponsor Quote cost?
Is there a Quote Limit?
Can I Modify by Quote?


How does the payment and invoicing work?
Payments are agreed and organized directly between Client and provider. During the project awarding process you can discuss the payment terms (frequency of billing, due dates). You need to indicate at least one payment method that you accept for receiving money.
Typically all Trainers/Training Providers accept bank wire transfers.
Provide an invoice if requested by Clients and request the payment according to the agreed method.
How do i get paid
You can receive payment in the following ways:
1. Direct Payment – to account details provided by Trainer/Training Provider
2. Safepay ( recommended) – Escrow payment method
Will the Trainer/Training Provider get paid an advance for the project?
It depends on the terms agreed between the Trainer/Training provider and the client.
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How does work for Freelancers? opens the global training market to freelancer Trainers. Our unique platform eliminates the middle man and allows you to connect directly with the client and thereby helping you get better rewarded and more assignments. is trainers best buddy to get them more assignment as well as manage their Training Process more effectively using the Training Management System.
How do I submit a Quote?
When you find a project you’d like to Quote on, simply click on the “Quote” button at the top or bottom of the Quote listing to access the Quote form for the project. Enter your Quote amount, Follow up with a Private Message to provide more information or upload samples of your Training Video related to that skill.
What is Promote your Quote & How do I use it?
By using Promote your Quote, you increase your Quote ranking in a way to get noticed immediately by the Corporate Client over other competing Freelancer Trainers. You can use this to move your Quote to the top of the Quote list by paying the sponsorship amount (paid using your Points) displayed. If your sponsored Quote is one of the 3 highest amounts, you'll appear in the top 3 spots on the project Quote list.
What is Highlight by Quote?
Highlighting your quote allows you to make your quote stand out in different color.
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How will Bookmytrainers help a Training Consultancy?
Bookmytrainers platform helps you manage all your trainers, both freelancers and full time employed, using individual logins. This login helps them handle their all training programs , post training feedbacks and ROI.
Will Bookmytrainers be a threat to my business?
Not at all, infact this platform is a boon and support for Training Providers in many way.
Do you want more Sales leads, more projects?
Do you want access to more Trainers at the best price?
Do you want to have a better rapport build with your Clients and their Learners?
Do you want to Expand your Training business to different georgraphic locations without having to go there or invest?
If the answer to above is yes, invest your 15 mins for a call with our Business Expert. Mail us on or schedule a call directly by clicking here.
What does Bookmytrainers offer me?
More Projects. More Projects. More projects. Yes its true.
Bookmytrainers will be your Sales manager to offer you loads of Inbound training leads. No more headache of Sales, cold calling, unproductive coffee meetings with clients. Save this money and effort and invest your time on what you do best – Training. You can also schedule a call directly by clicking here.
How can Bookmytrainers give me leads?
Bookmytrainers can help you expand your business not just locally or regionally but even Globally. Want to know how. Just contact us on and book a 15 min call with our Business Expert. This investment in terms of time can help you a lot, we promise.& its Free 
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What are the different plans?
We have 4 plans for users.
1. Achiever Plan – The top most plan
2. Winner Plan
3. Starter Plan
4. Trial Plan – Free plan
Which plan is the best for me? Can I enrol FREE?
Yes, you can register Free but you would have limited options compared to a paid Member. Click here to evaluate the best plan for your business.
How is the Paid membership better than FREE
In Achiever Plan you get upto 30 quotes a month for a Winner plan and upto 300 quotes a month for Achiever plan. A free member gets only 5 quotes a month. Higher the quote means higher chances of getting the project.
You get lots of features to choose from like the TMS.
Your quote will always be on the top in the following order:
1. Achiever Member
2. Winner Member
3. Starter Member
4. Free Member
Training Videos All paid members get to upload their Training Video which is a very important feature which helps a Client is seeing the Trainers Delivery style before awarding the project. Achiever members can upload 20 videos as against 10 for Winner members and 5 each for Starter and Free plan Members
Training Pics - . Achiever members can upload 20 videos as against 10 for Winner members and 5 each for Starter and Free plan Members
Training Skills – Achiever and Winner members can highlight 20 & 10 skills respectively. More skills added means getting projects for those skills too.
Is there a Time Limit for Clients giving Trainers Feedback?
Yes, Feedback has to be collected within 30 days after the training and payment received. Within the 30 day period, if a Client submits feedback, it becomes publicly available and helps in your overall rating. You need to follow up with your client to fill the feedback as this link gets deactivated after 45 days and no rating can be captured after the deadline.



How does the Rating work?
Trainer Rating is an important aspect for Clients/Training providers to award the assignment to the Trainer. Trainers can improve their rating using the following methods:
Getting Client Testimonials for their old as well as current training assignments
Get Student feedback for old as well as current Training assignment
Based on the total number of training assignments won through Bookmytrainers platform.
Social Media endorsements. How many people from your Linkedin, Facebook, Google plus connections will endorse you and your training skills.
Yes, Feedback has to be collected within 30 days after the training and payment received. Within the 30 day period, if a Client submits feedback, it becomes publicly available and helps in your overall rating. You need to follow up with your client to fill the feedback as this link gets deactivated after 45 days and no rating can be captured after the deadline.


Why do the Trainer Rate the Client?
Trainers will get a Client Rating feedback form after their training to collect their experience about the client and if to check for any displeasure while interacting with them especially in payment collection process. This feedback will help all other fellow trainers & training companies in dealing with this client.
How can Trainers express any satisfaction or dissatisfaction after working with a Client?
This can be done in the Client Rating feedback form and also can communicated to us as


How does BOOKMYTRAINERS handle my personal data?
Responsible handling of your personal data is of utmost importance for us. For further details please read our privacy policy.
Who can I address if my copyrights or other proprietary rights were violated?
You can mail us at and request the deletion of the content on our platform if applicable. It is in our interest to prohibit violations of law. Please be aware that for content of third parties only the respective third party can be hold responsible. Therefore you should address this third party directly for any measures beyond the deletion of the content.