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BMT offers an amazing platform loaded with technology features which redefine the way training is done. BMT offers end to end Training Management Solution to the Training Industry – right from trainer identification to planning to training to tracking the progress of learners post training using a cloud based SAAS feature called Managio. Bookmytrainers also offers Course Builder, an easy to build tool which allows Trainers. Clients or Training Providers to create their own elearning content using their training materials like powerpoint, document or pdf. You can start your own elearning company in less than 5 minutes.

Our Story

With online internet companies and portals materialising every day, we were determined to be different. Having been a part of this industry for many years Book my trainer was borne out of a need for ease and simplicity when trying to source trainers, clients and venues. Within the training and education industry as professionals, we would spend hours on the internet going through various websites and talking to a large number of companies before we were able to source the ideal trainer and venue for us. Out of frustration we decided to fill the gap in the market for a ‘one stop shop’ which enables trainers, corporations and venues to connect with each other.

We identified a need to bridge the worldwide gap between the trainers and clients. We saw clearly that a platform for trainers to market themselves, look for projects worldwide and also manage all their training related tasks at one place was sorely lacking in our industry.

This led to the inception of Bookmytrainers with a vision to facilitate the training industry and make lives easier for the trainers and the clients, who otherwise connect through varied mediums and find it difficult to manage all their training needs under one umbrella. We believe that our solution will revolutionize the way the training industry works, as it clearly looks at building a platform which would facilitate and innovate to make the trade between trainers and clients as smooth as possible.

What we offer is an online trainer portal from INTERNATIONAL TRAINERS ACADEMY. It is the first and the largest Trainer Business Ecosystem that connects Trainers with Corporations. In addition, the portal also enables venue owners to promote their properties to help Trainers and Corporations to select the most cost effective venues.

The founding team and advisors are all stalwarts from the Education & Training space with over 20 years of experience. Our technology strength coupled with knowledge of this domain helped us immensely while working on the product development.

International Trainers Academy - ITA

International Trainers Academy (ITA) is a Mumbai headquartered company started with an objective to provide business skill certifications to Business Professionals across the country, to certify and train them on the Global Standards of the Industry. International Trainers Academy (ITA) has also partnered with IBTA - USA, Florida to offer International Trainer Certifications.